La Rentrée (Back to Reality)

I hope you’ve had an awesome summer as I have. Travel, socialising, drinking, living…repeat! Summer is the shortest season, yet the sweetest. As an entrepreneur, I sort of gave myself summer hours, which for me was, a shorter work day on Friday and travel that included some work. I took a break from writing on this blog and shared posts only if I thought it was of value during the summer season. Everything was just lighter and I had a blast. But in all honesty, I’m secretly looking forward to what the French call “La rentrée” (back to school/back to work/ back to reality). You see the French typically take 6 weeks of vacation during the summer, and September is the month that represents going back to regular scheduling. It’s a renaissance of some sort where everyone is coming back refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the year. Like me, you may not live in France but with September just around the corner, it is a great time to recharge for an upcoming busy fall, early winter season.

Here are 5 tips that will get your entrepreneurial mind ready for La rentrée:

Move it

I never stopped working out during the summer but my very regimented workout & health schedule was kind of laxed, I’ll admit it. La rentrée is a great opportunity to get back on the bandwagon or if you don’t currently have a regular workout plan, it’s a great time to start one. Read about all the great benefits of working out and eating well for entrepreneurs in one of my previous blog posts here.

Goal setting

September is a great month to goal set what you want your business to look like for the remainder of the year. There are still 4 months to go before the end of the year and for me, my fiscal year ends in March, so I am almost halfway through my year. Perfect time to look back on what has previously been set, has it been reached? What needs to be fine tuned? What are the objectives for the remaining months? How does it look and how can I measure these goals? Owning a business is about accomplishing goals, for sure but, it’s also about having the ability to adjust those goals and objectives to reflect a new reality or new goal / objective as well.

New Projects

La rentrée is a great time to start a new project that you may have thought about over the summer. People are usually more rested in September and have an openness to hear and create fresh new ideas and to partner up with those who want to bring them to life. In my case, it means that I’ll be working on a new side project with social impact with my friend Haleigh, finally launching my podcast and working on a new structure for my digital camp and reaching out to possible partners to bring this project to life.

Forever Learning

La rentrée is also a great time to learn something new. Maybe like me, you love attending conferences or maybe it’s a class given by your local school board, college or uni to learn a new skill.

There is a ton of learning available, both free and paid, that can only help you in your personal and professional growth. These conferences or courses don’t necessarily need to be in your field, they can be complementary to what you’re doing, maybe it’s a personal course or maybe it’s to take your business in a whole new direction. Whatever it may be, you never lose from learning, so do sign up for something educational this autumn.

Networking, baby

Anytime you put yourself out there, whether it’s to learn something like I mentioned in my previous post or you’re simply attending an event, there’s an opportunity as an entrepreneur to network and meet like-minded folks that you may be able to explore collaborations with. La rentrée is a perfect time because new events are announced for fall and they are usually abundant. Make a list of upcoming events that are of interest to you in both your professional and personal growth, mark those that are feasible for you to attend and get out there. I’ll be posting in the coming weeks on how to network effectively, so stay tuned.

Who’s excited for La rentrée?!




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