6 Questions with Amber Mac

If you have any interest in tech and the advances that we are making using technology, you need to follow Amber Mac. Amber is not only my friend and my tech mentor, she’s an entrepreneur as well as one of the world’s most sought after speaker, author, commentator, tv personality, radio host, journalist and expert in the tech industry. Companies from Telus, CIBC, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft just to name of few, seek out Amber’s expertise in technology related themes.

I knew about Amber years before we became friendly at guess where…Forme Fitness (side note – thinking I owe not only my health but my professional and personal rolodex to Forme!). I had the opportunity to see Amber in action last September in Frankfurt, Germany as one of the hosts of the Me Convention and spend some time with her during the conference and she’s such a great motivator, a girl’s girl and an awesome human who has influenced my tech career in the most positive way.

What inspired you to get into the tech industry and why?

After finishing my post-graduate degree in journalism and working at a number of startups in San Francisco, I knew that I wanted to combine my two passions to pursue a career as a technology reporter, speaker, and author. I’ve always been excited about what’s in store for the future, so the tech industry is the perfect place for me to document what’s happening today to make tomorrow better.

What is one tech device you can’t live without?

Right now, I’m obsessed with Google Home (and working closely with them as one of their influencers). I think people underestimate how the voice revolution is going to change the way we search, entertain, and organise. What I love most about this product is that it’s the ideal device for anyone from 8 to 80. Even better, you can’t break Google Home (unlike computers!). The more you use it, the smarter it gets.

How has the tech industry evolved throughout the years and how has it impacted the way you run your business?  

I think what’s most exciting about the tech industry is that the world’s best software is accessible to business owners of all sizes. Whether you want to streamline your invoicing, build an ecommerce site, or collaborate with faraway colleagues, we have top tools at our fingertips for just a few dollars a month.

How do you think the rapid advancements of Artificial Intelligence will impact people in entrepreneurship and as well, in our everyday life?

AI was coined in the 1950s, but is only now popular due to its potential thanks to today’s incredible computing power. For entrepreneurs, artificial intelligence gives us an opportunity to leverage automation. In its early stages, we can use customer service tools such as chat bots to manage inquiries. In its later stages, we will be more productive thanks to technology advancements such as autonomous vehicles.

If there’s one thing you could have done differently when you first started out as an entrepreneur, what would it be?

There is nothing I would do differently :)!

What advice would you give our readers in terms of adapting to rapid advances in technology and innovative entrepreneurship?

I think the best advice is to start reading about AI advancements, as one example, and start incorporating new technology into your business. Whether it’s using a voice assistant in your office or trying out a new tool such as Legal Robot to understand complex legal jargon, every entrepreneur should start adapting today.

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