About Winy


Hi, I’m Winy, welcome to my digital destination! This is a positive space dedicated to everything travel, tech and entrepreneurship. About two years ago, I founded a PR agency, and although I was excited to be on my own two feet, at times, I felt support lost, anxious, and wondered if I could really make it all by myself. I started speaking to fellow entrepreneurs and listening to all the podcasts in the world, to better deal with my new situation. What I found was that I really wanted to make a difference in the world and that the business I believed I was going to have, which was an agency, really didn’t fulfill me.

I refocused my agency and started creating digital projects, mostly in tech education that had an impact on community. I reached out to key partners that had the same goals and objectives as I did, to contribute positively to the digital sphere and inspire the next generation in terms of social and tech entrepreneurship.

This being said, I’m fascinated with the advances we humans have made with technology, and I’m really interested to know how we can use it for good.

I host a bi-weekly digital marketing segment on CBC radio, here in Canada, in French, and I am working on a new podcast project that I hope to launch autumn 2018.

So glad you took the time to drop by my new blog; super excited to share with you cool things to do with travel, tech, entrepreneurship and some dope people who inspire me.

Drop me a line at hello@winybernard.com, would love to hear from you!




Photo Credit: Mari photographe