Créateurs z: A Digital and Media Camp For Youth

Last week in my 8 lessons that I learned after two years in business, I talked about Créateurs z, a digital and media camp I created over a year ago. The idea came to me during one of those sleepless nights I was having. I’ve always been focused on providing youth with knowledge that empowers them, first with a leadership camp for young women that I created back in 2008, which I ran for 5 years. Moving over to the tech and digital space, I identified a need where I live here in Toronto in terms of skills young people needed to be prepared for the 21st century workforce. I reached out to the director of CBC French here in Toronto who loved the idea, from there, a great partnership was born to make this idea an actual tangible project.

Créateurs z is a French language Digital and Media camp for francophone High School students. For a week, these students participate in a series of interactive, theory-based and practical workshops to immerse themselves in digital and media education. The camp is totally free, we provide transportation, lunch and snacks to ensure that there are no socio-economic barriers that would prevent from participating in the program. We touch on everything everything from digital journalism to podcasting,  coding, and public speaking to artificial intelligence and everything in between.

Why it’s important to create such programs:

Making A Difference

I am a change agent. I want to better people’s lives, especially young people. If I can leave them better, where they can see themselves as more than they could ever imagine, then I’ve fulfilled one of my life purposes.

Real Life Experience

Seeing is believing, and I truly believe that. Remember when you were in school and you didn’t understand why you did what you did? Now imagine having the opportunity to go into a cool workspace and participate in workshops where there’s a transfer of knowledge, and where you can actually picture yourself in the future.


There is no better situation than the private and public sector working together to elevate young people. There are best practices that can be learned on both sides and ultimately, these forces put together can only be positive. This year, along with our presenting partner CBC French, we’re working with College La Cité and private sector partners Facebook Canada, Apple, MSL and Bensimon Byrne Agency.

We have big plans for Créateurs z with first expanding it regionally, provincially, nationally…who knows. Maybe one day internationally?!

I’m super proud of this program and can’t wait to see what’s next. Let me know if you have any ideas!




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