ice podcast – it’s finally here!

It’s finally here. Been working on this for months with a rad group of people to bring this idea to life. The ice podcast, which stands for Innovators, Creators and Entrepreneurs is a conversational podcast about the contribution of underrepresented cultural shifters to our collective culture.

ice podcast – season 1

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, podcasts became my life line. Listening to stories from a variety of successful entrepreneurs about their origins, trials & tribulations and recipes for success inspired me. Although all these stories were great, I rarely heard success stories from people that looked like me. The ice podcast is the first of a much larger plan to highlight worldwide contributions to our collective culture by underrepresented communities. I hope that through the ice stories, our listeners and viewers will be informed, empowered and inspired to realise their full potential. When you can see it and hear it, you can believe it.

The first episode features author and LGBTQ activist Jodie Patterson. I met Jodie at her home in Brooklyn and her story resonated with me. Her constant reinvention and fluidity in terms of pursuing her passions very much mirrors my own path. Her first book, The Bold World, a memoir is a must read.

Have a listen to our convo here and let me know what you think! Podcast drops bi-weekly and will soon be available on all platforms.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.



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