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Last September, at the urging of my good friend and mentor Amber Mac, I attended a brand new European conference in Frankfurt, Germany called the me Convention. The me Convention is presented by Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with SXSW. The convention is a gathering of people from all over the world and focuses on the themes of mobility, the future, creativity and technology; all themes that are fascinating to me. It is after this very conference that I decided to launch this blog because I was so inspired by the things that I learned and the people I met there. It is also at that conference that I decided to do more speaking engagements that could have a real impact in people’s lives. Finally, I made a promise to myself while I was there that I would be back the following year, but this time as a speaker. And I made it happen (yay, me!).

Photo credit: Teymur Madjderey

I had the great pleasure to co-present a talk at this year’s convention which was held in Stockholm with Armina Mussa who is a very talented multidisciplinary artist as well as co-creative Director of Saint-Heron. We spoke about how Creativity, Collaboration and Controlling the narrative from each of our point of view.

You can watch the full talk here:

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