Station F: The Biggest Startup Campus In The World

I had been anticipating the opening of Station F in Paris like nobody’s business. As an entrepreneur who’s currently working to launch another startup project in Paris, Station F is an early stage entrepreneur’s dream come true.

Station F was created and funded by technology entrepreneur Xavier Niel, who also created a coding school (42) and the French telecommunication company Free. Niel is a visionary, innovator and a venture capitalist who believes that France can revolutionise, position itself as a startup nation, and attract local and international entrepreneurs.

On a recent trip to Paris, I had the opportunity to visit the campus twice in a week, and it certainly did not disappoint. Located in the 13th arrondissement, Station F is spread over 34,000 square feet. The mega startup campus can house up to 1000 early stage startups, running 26 programs to assist them, and has the facilities to host events. The campus also has more than 3000 dedicated workstations, 8 spaces to host events, 60 meeting rooms, several restaurants, a game room and more. There is also a plan in place to build more than 100 sharable apartments in the near future.

Paris is so much more than croissants and love. It has a booming startup ecosystem and is becoming the startup capital in Europe.  By bringing startups, programs, venture funds and incubators all under one roof, Station F is positioning its local entrepreneurs on the global scene as well as attracting international founders to France.

Interested in moving your project to Paris full-time and want to be surrounded with other like- minded entrepreneurs as well as supporting programs? Station F might be just the place for you; a full-time desk is 195 euros per month and for those who are not willing to commit full-time but need a workstation when in Paris, Station F offers a flexible desk membership for 900 euros a year which gives you access to using a desk up to 5 times per month.

Is your startup inside of Station F? Would love to feature you on the blog, reach out!




Images courtesy of Station F.

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