The Storyteller with Justin Wu

I can’t believe we’re already on episode 5 of the ice podcast, so exciting! The ice podcast really is a labour of love and comes from truly believing that diverse stories need to be told. I want to continue to contribute positively and help tell these incredible stories of cultural shifters from underrepresented communities so that they can inspire and motivate others to believe that they too can achieve it. 

My latest episode is with the incredibly talented Photographer and Director Justin Wu. Justin is an Internationally recognised artist in both fashion and film, whose resume includes work with Vogue, Elle and Jay-Z’s Life + Times “Empire State of Mind” just to name a few.

Loved chatting with him about creativity, finding your path, transitioning from one art form to another and the importance of telling diverse stories. Episode available here: Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox and Overcast.



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