Top 3 Trends To Watch In Tech According to CES 2018


Photo Credit: Lauren McPhillips

If you got to go to CES this year, I totally envy you. CES, for those who don’t know, is the world’s biggest conference dedicated to technology and innovation. The event goes on once a year, in January, in Las Vegas. This event gives tech companies from around the world the opportunity to showcase their new products to thousands of media, journalists, industry experts and more.

I wasn’t there, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying close attention. Here are some of the biggest trends that came out of this year’s edition:

A.I. baby, and more of it.

If you thought that you’d be hearing less about A.I. in 2018, well, you’re wrong. A.I. has been around since the 1950’s, this isn’t something new but it is the way we will be using it 2018 and in the future that has changed. You’ll see more AI powered assistants, and you’ll be using them in the near future. We’ll also see more AI powered products, in all aspects of our lives. What we will see is these AI powered machines that will resemble more the way we actually speak to each other as well as AI powered machines who will build trust with us, they will “get to know us” and explain why they recommended x or y over z.

Augmented driving

Car companies are working hella hard to integrate the newest and latest technologies to make our driving experiences more automated.

From self-driving cars (it’s no longer a thing of the future, self-driving cars are the now), to technology that keeps drivers alert. Picture this, you’re driving behind the wheel and you’re distracted – which in today’s ever-connected world, happens all the time. A company like Theia has introduced glasses that you can wear behind the wheel that will beep every time they feel like you’re losing focus while driving.

Hyundai for example, introduced an A.I. assistant to help drivers complete tasks while driving. For example, the A.I. call help you make a call, send a text message, check the weather and whatever else you need. The A.I. assistant will also be able to recognise, in your request, multiple tasks and perform them. So say you ask, “What’s the weather?” and “Call Winy”,it can perform those two tasks. Hyundai is set to roll out this technology in early 2019.

5G, We Have A Need For Speed!

It’s all about speed, and 5G brings us to the next level. Picture this; the ability to download things 100 times faster than the current 4G that our mobile phones are running on. Not only that, mobile devices will soon be able to communicate with each other even faster. Say you’re sending a message with a video on your phone, well, whomever you’re sending it to will be getting it faster. Heads up, we won’t be living in a 5G world until 2020.

This is a top 3 of the biggest trends, what did I miss?




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